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Visiting Friends & Relatives

Visiting friends and relatives in Edinburgh? Meeting them in Edinburgh to spend some time together?


We find that those visiting friends or relatives in Edinburgh tend not so much to stay in hotels but prefer to stay in smaller, more private guest house or bed and breakfast accommodation in Edinburgh. Glenalmond House is that perfect, great value, high quality guest house accommodation!


We welcome many to the city visiting friends and relatives, whether they are sons or daughters at colleges or universities, visiting those close ones who may be in hospital, or perhaps just for a social or family celebration or get together.


We are keen to invite them to spend some time with us and allow us to showcase some oof the very best guest house accommodation Edinburgh has to offer.


And our more peaceful off centre location, yet so convenient for the city centre and all attractions, makes us perfect for those who eat out a lot or want to enjoy the delights of Edinburgh and great Edinburgh shopping and nightlife, especially at weekends – with family and friends.