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Romantic Breaks

Low Season

Enjoy a 10% discount when you book a stay with us from during the low season - from October to the end of  April.  Available for all dates to and all room types.

A minimum 2 night stay is required and you must book online only via this website. Alternatively, you can email or telephone to get this special deal.

If you book online anywhere else, this discount will not be available to you, as we have to pay other agents up to 20% commission.

If you book online via this website, the discount will be shown during the booking process when you click the 'unlock' button to see discounted prices.   

For direct bookings by phone, our enquiry form or email, we will quote you the discounted price at the time of enquiry.

You can check availability  via online reservations to the left and then book online  to get this discount. 


People say that there is a constant, inexplicable air of romance within this ancient city. Edinburgh is most definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world. So - relax and rediscover yourselves amidst the sensuality, intrigue, mystique and romantic lure which is this glorious city in Scotland. Whisky, bagpipes, tartan and kilts. Ancient castles and churches, architecture of every style imaginable, and stunning surrounding landscapes. All of this and much more awaits you here. Romantic breaks in Edinburgh will certainly live in the memory.


Our lovely guest house offers everything for that luxury romantic break in Edinburgh. From delicious breakfasts, comfortable romantic rooms, with stunning four poster beds - to champagne, chocolates and flowers.


And Edinburgh is not just the perfect destination not just for great romantic breaks and escapes, but also for sensational Scottish honeymoons. We extend a warm welcome to those spending their Scottish honeymoons, or part of them, in Edinburgh.