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City Breaks

Low Season

Enjoy a 10% discount when you book a stay with us from 1st October,  up to the end of April.  Available for all dates to and all room types.

A minimum 2 night stay is required and you must book online only via this website. Alternatively, you can email or telephone to get this special deal.

If you book online anywhere else, this discount will not be available to you, as we have to pay other online booking sites up to 20% commission.

If you book online via this website, the discount will be shown during the booking process and applied immediately - don't forget to 'unlock'  the discount prices during the booking process.  

For direct bookings by phone, our enquiry form or email, we will quote you the discounted price at the time of enquiry.

You can check availability  via online reservations to the left and then book online  to get this discount. 


Edinburgh City breaks will have you reeling in delight. Discover the history behind the city, experience the numerous festivals and theatre productions and take in some of the world's most stunning landscapes.


Home to over 450,000 people, enough history to suit any scholar, enough culture to host the largest music festival in Britain and a variety of hotels, restaurants and pubs to please every budget and taste. The city easily blends chic business suits with dreadlocked vegans for a mini metropolis that is old, new, adventurous and staid, a mix that guarantees city breaks to Edinburgh will leave visitors begging for more.


Every August Edinburgh commands the attention of approximately 1 million people who arrive for the city's multitude of festivals. The Edinburgh International Festival draws approximately 400,000 people every year. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival pulls in about 300,000. Accommodation is usually at a premium (and premium price too!), and the city is packed and bustling, so August is best avoided if you want Edinburgh city breaks at a more leisurely pace! Our winter breaks might do the trick!


Today Edinburgh University educates over 22,000 students from all over the world, their multinational cultures lending a lively air to the ancient city- nourishing the busy bar, nightlife and music scene.