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Coronavirus Measures & Further Information


We want all our guests and staff to be safe in our guest house. We have prepared this document to detail all the measures we are taking to make
this possible while the Covid-19 virus is still a problem. See below for
further details.  Hand sanitiser is always available for guest use,  in the
front porch and at the desk in the lobby.

Breakfast Dining Room

We are now using an air purifier in the dining room.
This will clean the air of any viruses and bacteria, as well
as most allergens and dust. 

 Our buffet self service is now allowed, in line with
Scottish Covid restrictions as of February 2022

All table items are disinfected after every use and the table cloth changed.
The dining chairs are also cleaned after every use.

Service will be carried out by Glenalmond House staff.
Staff will wear a face covering to protect our guests.
Hands will be washed frequently, at every opportunity.

Guest Lounge

This area is open at all times. The seating and coffee table are
regularly cleaned and disinfected during the day.
We normally have tourist leaflets and magazines, as well as a local
pub and restaurant guide in the guest lounge. Guests are able
to download all this information online, from our website. 


We are able to do contactless check-in. We will be here to welcome you and let you in to the guest house. We can direct you to your room and explain what you might need to know. All keys will have been disinfected before you arrive.


As long as we have your card details, we can do contactless check-out
and send your receipt by email. We will take payment during your
stay, and you just need to leave your keys on the front desk. You can let us know your preferred method of payment when you are here.

Public Areas

Entrance and Lobby
Hand sanitiser is available in the front porch and also at the desk just
inside the entrance of the guest house, for guest use.

All door handles and the doorbells are disinfected
regularly during the day.

Room Keys and Keysafes outside the front door, will be sanitised
after use, ready for the next guests. The table in the porch and
the front desk inside, are also cleaned regularly.

Guest Rooms

After guests leave, we deep clean and disinfect rooms as much as is possible, paying particular attention to all surfaces that may have been touched by previous guests. All laundry is commercially washed by our laundry service, except for some small items and table cloths, which we will wash after each use, at 60 degrees, to ensure all viruses and bacteria are removed.

We tidy rooms every day. If you are not comfortable with this and
do not want us to come into your room, please let us know.
We will change towels and sheets for you every 2 to 3 days and you can
change the laundry yourself if you prefer us not to come into your
room. Cleaning materials can also be provided if you need them.


Please download these handy documents for more information before or during your stay with us

Guest Information Book Room Safe Instructions Local Pubs & Restaurants Lothian Bus Prices & Map Airport Bus 300 Timetable
Taxi Phone Numbers

Capital Cars - 0131 777 7777
City Cabs (Black Cabs) - 0131 228 1211
Central Taxis - 0131 226 2236

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